It’s election time in Kenya and in true Kenyan fashion, social media has for the last five months been littered with half-assed intolerant posts about preferred candidates, peace campaigns and of course memes attacking and supporting different candidates. WordPress, it’s tiring. Especially knowing in my heart of hearts that the damn politicians don’t have our […]


Pregnant in High School

People of WordPress do anything, absolutely anything while in a Kenyan High school- slap a bitch, steal someone’s skirt off the wirelines, sneak in prohibited food, abort a fucking embryo, write the bathroom walls in shit and blood, fuck a teacher, fucking do anything people of WordPress, but don’t you DARE get pregnant while in […]

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Come Collect Your Mans.

Look, no, just look. Hear me out. How the fuck do girls date men who have constantly demonstrated to you and the rest of the entire fucking world that they disrespect women? That they think equality is a myth? That “feminism will never be achieved in Africa”? That women belong in the kitchen? That women […]

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I Just Don’t Relate.

So when I realized I was no doormat and became a feminist, waayyy back 6 years ago after a matatu tout touched me inappropriately and I smacked his ugly face, I logged into my Facebook. It was the next logical thing to do because literally nobody around me related to me being feminist.  When I […]

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