Online Feminist  Ratcheting

Kenyans are nasty. Kenyans online are nastier. They are only pleasant to whypipo (but that’s a post for another day) 

See, for the past fivish couple of years, most Kenyan women have had little bulbs going off in their brains that they really are not doormats. They really are not objects for gratifying a man’s fantasy. Like I said in my last post, most Kenyan women have realized that men really aren’t all that.


This brigade of women who are kinda like the throng of women in Beyonce’s Who Run the World music video, have rightfully brought their agenda, realization and fingers online. These women have not come to play. 

But I digress…
Kenyan men are nasty. You could read a comment online and you’d know in your unsurprised heart of hearts that the comment was written by a Kenyan male, short, stocky like he plays rugby, over-bitten fingers and a heavily misogynistic and or entitlement about him. 

That comment won’t make sense. 

That comment will have an element of gross stupidity.

 That comment will attack a woman’s sexuality.

That comment will be directed to a woman.

That comment will be supported by other short and stocky finger-biting, woman-beating males.

That comment will be so nasty you will want to throw up your lunch.

That comment if it’s on Facebook, will have a “Haha” reaction , mocking and psychotic, made by a, wait for it…

A woman.

I used to get so flippantly mad when I bumped into one of those online. These women were enhancing that stupid rhetoric of “I’d rather befriend a man than a woman, less drama fam”

But like you got over Ned Stark’s beheading, I got over these women thanks to another timely light bulb moment.

Women have internalized misogyny. Women can sometimes perpetuate oppression more. Look, let’s just say, feminist or not if you’ve ever thought a man telling you “you’re not like other women, you are special” is a compliment, you have internalised misogyny.

If you have ever felt some type of way (read embarrassed) because you didn’t shave your underarms or legs and someone noticed, you’ve got them symptoms.

If you’ve ever faked a long hypnotising orgasm so you don’t hurt your partner’s feelings, join the whole team.

If you go around online calling other women hoes and sluts and loose,bih  you belong.

Please. If you judge women of a certain age because they are unmarried and childless, wear the shoe because it fits.

So I don’t get angry anymore when I see a woman laughing incessantly at a sexist post, I understand. I get sad, but I understand. 

I can only tell them to do better because doing the same nasty shit as men is doubly nastily shitty. (But y’all women, this is no excuse. I’ll come for y’all in a seperate post)

You know who the online feminist brigade doesn’t spare? These nastyyy ass men.

Angry feminists? Damn right we are angry feminists!

We tell it like it is.

No mincing of words. 

No fear.

No shrinking.

No respectability.

No long or short debates. 


And I kid you not WordPress, feelings will be caught like how white people who gallivant in Africa catch a malaria bug. The man will suddenly be a victim. He will tell you that there’s no need to go all in. He will tell you not to be vulgar. He will tell you to try and debate sanely. He will tell you to contribute to the discussion logically without letting your emotions affect your thought process.

Very cool story bro.I’ll let you know what I think of your reply to my response.

And that, ladies and gentlemen on WordPress, is how you out- ratchet a nasty Kenyan male online.


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